3 workplace habits making you sick

Winter is coming; and with it comes sneezes, sniffles and general feelings of unease, most likely fuelled by a lack of Vitamin D. And there’s little worse than being sick at work, having to battle on through the day when your head feels like jelly and your throat is cut to pieces.
However, a shocking nine in ten UK employees still go into work when they are ill, suggesting more needs to be done around the UK’s culture of presenteeism.
Research from Canada Life Group Insurance found that high workloads were main reason given by employees when refusing to take time off to recover (28%), followed by financial concerns (21%) and feeling guilty (17%).
A fear of being perceived as lazy (16%), weak (14%) or inconsiderate (14%) also affected individuals’ choice to take time off, despite just 22% of respondents thinking going in sick is a sensible decision.
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