Arena Personnel – Recruitment Experts and Vodka Connoisseurs

We had a surprise visit this afternoon from one of our most loveliest of ladies who has recently been taken on permanently at one of our customers.

She came bearing gifts of chocolate and booze – our two favourite things! The bottle is of Zubrowka Bison Grass Flavoured Vodka, a Polish specialty, which prompted a quick trip to Sainsbury’s for some apple juice so we could try it out immediately.

For those of who would like to know more, pop up to the office this afternoon for a taste, or read the following from the back of the label:

In a remote corner of Poland, in the North Podlasie Lowland, lies a mysterious place called Bialowieza, the last primeval forest in Europe, home to the continents only herd of bison and a distinctly aromatic plant – bison grass. The wild grass resists cultivation and, to this day, is still carefully harvested by hand. Since the 14th century, bison grass, has been used to create a unique flavoured vodka, Zubrowska. The infusion adds smoothness and unparalleled freshness to the original singular spirit from Poland.

Thank you Marzena for all of your hard work, as well as the presents, and we would like to wish you every success in your career.

Marzena Jaczynska