Candidate slammed for bringing teenager to interview

People do strange things in job interviews.
We’ve heard of the candidate who asked for a cocktail, the one who called the hiring manager incompetent, and the one who binned off the interview entirely because they couldn’t move after an intense gym session.
But Mumsnet user and Hiring Manager Caulk shared the story of a candidate who did something even stranger – she brought her teenage son with her.
“She said she’d brought him so he could get an idea of what an interview was like,” Caulk wrote.
“I said he couldn’t be part of the interview, needed to wait in reception or she could arrange childcare and we would interview her at the end of the day.

“She said no one had said she couldn’t bring him, it’s good life experience etc. I said no and she agreed (eventually) for him to wait in reception.”

The story does not have a happy ending. “When I called her to say she hadn’t got the job, she said we were discriminating against her because she had a child,” said Caulk.
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