First wage rises since 2015 could benefit recruiters

For the first time since June 2015, average UK advertised salaries have witnessed a year-on-year increase – which might help recruiters get candidates into jobs affected by the rises. According to figures from, the 1.2% improvement in the year to November saw the average wage stand at £32,598. And unsurprisingly, London was one of the cities showing the biggest improvements with regards to average salary, with advertised salaries in the capital up 2.2% from November 2016 to £39,457. However, this doesn’t mean that the UK is steady just yet. The data found that average advertised salaries in London regularly exceeded £40,000 before the referendum vote. Furthermore, separate research from the Group division of Korn Ferry found that, in terms of adjusted for inflation (2.5%), employees in the UK are expected to see a real wage decrease of 0.5% this year. Read the report here