It’s ok to be grey: the pitfalls of age discrimination in the workplace

Gone are the days of reaching 65 and hanging up your work boots, and those aged 50 and over are facing much greater financial insecurity with the rising cost of living, inadequate pensions, a higher state pension age and a prolonged life expectancy.
At the coalface of recruitment, there’s evidence to suggest a concerning bias against older candidates (those aged 50 and over), with employers opting to hire the younger candidate if both CVs cross their desk. Age discrimination in the job market is rife and needs to be treated on a par with gender and ethnic discrimination, or we stand to face huge economic and societal issues in the UK. The recent focus on achieving pay parity between men and women is absolutely valid, however it has side-lined another equally important conversation – age prejudice in the workplace. The Equality Act makes it illegal to discriminate against employees, job seekers and trainees based on age, but it remains a silent issue in many industries. Read the whole article here