King Louis the rich? Survey reveals highest-paying names

With the royal baby being named Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have come to this decision with lots of factors in mind.
Not only do they have to ensure that another living royal family member doesn’t have this name, they’ll also be wary of a thousand other decisions that parents have to make. Whether it’s nursery places, friends their child will make and jobs they’ll do – with worries about subsequent earnings included in that – parents have a lot to consider.
Okay so, being honest, little Louis will likely never have money worries as the rest of us understand them. As it stands, they’re set for life. However, the rest of us do. So, it’s always worth doing what you can to get ahead.
With new research suggesting that certain names attract higher wages, recruiters might be interested in which names get the most: for themselves; for their candidates and for their own kids, if they’re parents.
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