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Are we seeing the death of the lunch break?

The lunch break is the traditional time for employees to unwind. Employees are encouraged to spend some time away from their desks to eat, socialise with colleagues or sneak in a little wellbeing practice to refresh themselves, ready for the afternoon ahead. However, it seems that many workers just aren’t feeling the benefits – with […]

Productivity | The top 10 bad workplace habits employees want to ditch

We’re already in the second week of February, which means that most of our New Year’s resolutions have long been abandoned. However, there’s no time like the present to ditch bad office habits – and researchers from CV-Library have found the top most irritating workplace traditions that workers would love to bin off for good. Click […]

7 ways your office job is damaging your health

The office isn’t an environment that most employees equate with danger. In fact, the repetitive strain injuries risked by typing too strenuously and clicking one’s mouse too vigorously have become unsympathetically typecast as the go-to refuge of too-frail types or the I’ll-take-any-excuse-not-to-work types. Those who preach about the dangers of the office often cause colleagues […]

Could smoking ruin your candidate’s chances of getting hired?

With a greater onus on employee health, conversations around smoking in the workplace are an increasingly pressing issue. Whereas legislation around the legalities of smoking in the work day is clear, exactly how businesses deal with tobacco addiction depends entirely on the contract between the employer and employee and can vary massively based on the […]

7 advantages of scaling up your business

There’s a big problem with small businesses in the UK. They’re scared of heights… Not of the vertical sort, of course, but of the growth that will take their enterprise to the next level. When you have a successful small business, scaling that operation up is not easy, but there are huge benefits. But the […]

REVEALED: 20 hardest jobs recruiters will struggle to fill

New research from job site Indeed has revealed that optometrist roles are the hardest to fill in the UK, with more than two thirds of job postings lying vacant for at least two months. The study found that 68.79% of optometrist vacancies posted on Indeed over the past year remained unfilled for 60 days or […]

Do candidates better value high pay or a good recruiter?

When it comes to searching for a job, a friendly experience with a recruitment agency can mean far more to a candidate than scoring a job offering a high salary – research from VHR suggests. The technical recruitment company conducted a poll of 500 potential jobseekers and found that for 88% of respondents, money wasn’t […]

Businesses failing to upskill whole workforce

Businesses are facing a skills gap crisis, due to failure to upskill their workforces, a new report published by skills body City & Guilds Group has revealed. The research, which polled a total of 2,000 current full-time employees, claims that 75% of respondents agree that work continuous education is essential to success, whilst nearly half […]

How can you support employees with cancer?

Widespread confusion about Cancer symptoms among workers could be leading to delayed diagnosis and improper self-examinations, new research by Bupa UK has found. Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body mutate and reproduce at an uncontrollable rate and is one of the leading causes of death in the world, […]

Female CEOs face grater risk of sacking

Female CEOs are far more likely to be fired from their roles than their male counterparts, even when the firm they are leading is doing well – Pacific Standard reports. This is according to a study from the University of Alabama, in which researchers searched through media reports to compile a database of CEOs who […]

7 interview answers your candidates should NEVER give

Securing an interview may be hard but convincing the recruiter that you are the model candidate is even more complex. Recruiters come face-to-face with garrulous extroverts and discreet introverts everyday so dealing with different characters is familiar territory to them. However, when asking candidates question, they are often met with the same universal spiel about […]

Whatsapp use causing business communication headache

WhatsApp and other social media messaging services are causing regular workplace disruption due to un-monitored work-related chat. According to new research conducted by B2B social network Speakap, 53% of frontline workers have admitted to using consumer social messaging tools such as WhatsApp up to six times in the work day. A further 16% stated that their […]

Research highlights how far workplace tech is behind personal tech

Over half (52%) of U.K. employees believe their personal technology feels more modern and is more user friendly than their workplace technology – with many finding their own apps and devices easier to use than ones designed to help them in the workplace. Read more here

Largest employer to date considers cutting day off working week

The Wellcome Trust is the largest employer yet to consider moving to a four-day working week. The Guardian broke the news last Friday, reporting that the firm has announced they are considering moving its 800 head office staff to a four-day week in a bid to boost productivity and improve work-life balance. If the scheme […]

Which careers are most competitive right now?

Recruiters in certain industries are being overwhelmed with applications to each job they post – receiving as many as 79 CVs per role. Research from TribePad has found that the average job advert receives 39 applications – but in the logistics industry this rises to 79, and in hospitality hirers are having to select from […]

What to consider when setting up a brand new business

Starting a business is like raising a newborn child. It is fragile and spontaneous and comes with a multitude of responsibilities. This is why it is essential for you to make sure you cover all of your bases before you open shop. Clearly, you are searching for advice on your newest ambition – thus, here […]

‘Unproductive meetings’ estimated to cost businesses £45bn in 2019

Pointless and unproductive meetings will cost British companies a shocking £45bn in 2019, a report from Doodle has warned. The researchers found that the average professional spends two hours a week in pointless meetings, or over 24bn hours of working time – which will add up to over £423bn worth of resource across the world […]

Students starting degrees in January to give them ‘competitive edge’

Some university students are opting for January starts so that they can finish their degree courses at a different time to the rest of university leavers – the Independent reports. By starting and finishing their degrees at a different time in the year, they have a huge vantage point over their peers as they are […]

The CV spelling howlers that are ruining your candidate’s chances

Spelling is just one of those little things that can transform an otherwise good CV into an extremely bad one. Every recruiter knows the pain of seeing ‘their’ written when the candidate means ‘there’, or a ‘to’ or even a ‘two’ when they clearly mean ‘too’. And research from Adzuna has found these little errors […]

1/3 workers think robots make better bosses

Thirty-four per cent of employees believe that robots would make better decisions than their bosses – if they had access to the right business intelligence that is. The research, compiled in the Advanced Trends Report 2018/19 by Advanced, revealed that there are no clear leaders driving technological changes across UK businesses. Read the whole article […]

Former recruiter Honey G back on job market after sacking

Former recruiter Honey G is back on the job market after leaving her role as an Estate Agent for being “too famous” – the Sun reports. The rapper, who rose to fame on the 2016 series of The X Factor, was previously an IT recruiter for a firm in Harrow under her real name of […]

Half of workers feel their boss doesn’t understand them

It’s very frustrating to feel like someone isn’t listening to you, or misunderstanding what you say – and it’s even worse when this person is in charge of making decisions which affect your life and work. Sadly, research from ADP (Automatic Data Processing) has revealed half of the UK’s workforce believes their bosses do not […]

What stage of their career are people likely to find their dream job?

Despite the great satisfaction of doing something that you enjoy for work on a daily basis, it seems that many UK working adults haven’t quite reached that point job fulfilment yet. A recent study of 2,000 employees found that 85% are currently employed in positions that they aren’t happy with, according to new research by […]

Where will the UK’s biggest salary hikes of 2019 happen?

There’s no denying it – often, the very first thing on any potential candidate’s mind is money. While good benefits, a shorter commute or an exciting workplace might help tip the balance, very often a deal can be made or dismissed on account of the cold hard cash on offer. And, possibly as a result […]

Should hugging be forbidden in the workplace?

Last month, luxury clothing retailer Ted Baker hit the headlines when Founder and CEO Ray Kelvin took a leave of absence after allegations into his conduct were investigated. One of the key accusations against him was his habit of “forced hugging”, along with other examples of harassment against female staff members. But what causes a […]

City worker death highlights importance of business mental health support

A city worker has died after falling from a building in Canary Wharf in a case that highlights the importance of mental health support in the workplace. Eyewitness accounts, reported in the Sun, state that the man sent a text, put down his bag, then jumped four storeys to his death in the Canary Wharf […]

What can employers do to prevent staff exits in the New Year?

Every year, workers try to stick to the motto: new year, new me. They use this maxim to empower themselves to take on all of the things that they wanted to achieve but didn’t get the chance to last year. Whether that be to look for a new job to increase their sense of career fulfilment, […]

5 CV buzzwords for 2019

Whilst many workplaces are slowly winding down for the end of the year, recruitment is a little different. The new year often brings a glut of candidates wanting to seek out new employment opportunities – meaning working with them to tweak their CVs. In many ways, the end of the year in recruitment is preparation […]

70 per cent of millennials to look for new job in 2019

New Year, new you, or rather a new job if you’re a millennial, as up to 70 per cent of this age group who are in employment reveal that they are determined to quit their current job and look for pastures new in 2019. Click here to find out more

Which professions earned the biggest bonuses of last year?

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment have found that Corporate Managers and Directors take home the highest average annual bonus, with just under £8000. After this, professional services under business, media, public service and science tend to do well, averaging just over £2000 a year in incentive pay. A study into bonus pay in the UK has […]

The top 3 essential hiring tips for 2019

The recruitment landscape is considered increasingly difficult to traverse. With a reported exodus of EU talent, a shortfall of skills in areas necessary for survival and employers ‘stockpiling’ staff, it’s not surprising that recruitment can be considered more difficult these days. Plus, candidates demand more. Almost a third of potential hires demand a personalised recruitment […]

UK locations offering biggest pay boosts

Key cities around the UK have seen a huge boost in pay growth, which could be chilling news for businesses looking to hire this winter. The latest job market data from CV-Library reveals that average salaries for new roles reached a 12-month high in November, soaring by a staggering 28.9% across the nation. Pay hike […]

How can you attract Christmas temps?

Finding the right staff for your vacancies can be tough – and it doesn’t look like the festive period is easing any of the pressure. A new study by revealed that 23,219 Christmas jobs remain unfilled in the UK despite an abundance of recent store closures and mounting concerns for the British high street […]

The Christmas Day workers that get no extra pay

A new report has found that many companies are not compensating their employees for working on bank holidays over Christmas. The research has found that three per cent of employees will be working on Christmas Day – amounting to over one million people.  However, the survey of 2,000 British workers reveals that almost one-fifth (18 per […]

10 most common lies staff tell to leave work early

The issue of absenteeism is undoubtedly always wrapped up in the problem of presenteeism – with employees guilty of one, or both, of these workplace habits. But making up excuses just to leave work a few hours early is not an acceptable way of conducting your professional life. To see the 10 most common excuses given […]

10 employment law changes in 2019 to look out for

This year has been an extremely busy year in terms of amended employment law. From greater support for employees returning to work, gender gap reporting and employment tribunals to protect gig economy workers, there are no HR themes that have gone untouched this year. And there’s no indication this trend will stop as we enter the […]

5 tips to maintain mental health support

For a number of years, doctors have believed that mental and physical health problems are inextricably linked – a view shared by many health organisations. Simon Thomas, Director – UK Employee Benefits, Generali, offers guidance for employers to help their workforce stay healthy in both mind and body. Research has consistently shown that poor physical […]

1 in 5 employee with cancer discriminated against at work

New research by Macmillan Cancer has recorded a spike in the number of calls from cancer patients regarding work-related problems. The Telegraph reports that the figures have risen by 74% from fewer than 1,000 in 2015/16 to 1,711 in the year to May. And, the charity has already received 3,000 so far this calendar year […]

UK businesses failing to equip workforce with skills needed for the future

Only 41% of employees in the UK believe employers are providing them with the skills they need for work in the future, according to the latest research from PwC. A survey of 1,246 business and HR leaders found that that 87% of companies believe human skills are a critical capability for the future, but only […]

Brits fear not drinking limits their future career prospects

Eleven million Brits say that not drinking alcohol can impede their career prospects if they can’t socialise with bosses after work. New research from Atomik Research surveyed over 2,000 UK adults aged 18 and over reveals that 21% felt that abstaining from alcohol would harm their careers. Additionally, the research found that this booze culture […]

A third of workers remain silent when they see misconduct

More than third of workers who are aware of misconduct at work remain silent according to new research by The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), in Partnership with The Ethics Centre. The Ethics at Work survey of 752 Australian workers found that one in four (24%) have been aware of misconduct during the past year […]

Top four tips for motivating your staff

The conversation surrounding employee engagement and motivation has been simmering for years, yet many companies still struggle to apply the basics. With advances in technology, some of these approaches are becoming more and more practical, whilst others require only a little time or understanding. Read on and take advantage of these tried and tested motivational […]

5 examples of bad boss behaviour

Bad bosses come in many different forms. As HR it is vital that you are aware and conscious of the different ways a manager could be failing so that you can assess their suitability to the role or provide the support they might need to improve. Listen carefully to any complaints members of staff may […]

Why a December bonus could help prevent New year staff departures

January is traditionally a time for new beginnings – and, for many employees, it is often the time their search for a new job starts in earnest. However, research from One4all Rewards suggests that there is one key way to stop workers from logging on to job sites – offering them an end-of-year bonus. Click […]

Just 47% of British managers would recommend their business

Just 47% of British managers ‘completely agree’ that they would recommend their workplace to others, according to study by Cornerstone OnDemand and IDC survey. The research, which polled 1,900 European HR, IT and line managers, revealed that that British managers are less likely than European counterparts to recommend their workplace to others. Sixty-six per cent […]

Salaries set to rise by £20 a week next year

UK professionals can expect to receive an extra £20 per week due to salary increases in 2019 – that’s double the increase received in 2018, according to the latest Salary Trends Report by ECA International. Rising wages often indicate that employers are struggling to fill all their vacancies, so subsequently are boosting their offerings to […]

Why checking your emails after work is hurting your relationship

Checking emails outside of working hours could hurt romantic relationships and damage your mental health, a new study has found. The survey was carried out on full-time workers aged between 31 and 40. Workforce Emotions Expert, William Becker, found that “the employees themselves seem largely unaware of the impact this has on their significant others”. […]

3 workplace habits making you sick

Winter is coming; and with it comes sneezes, sniffles and general feelings of unease, most likely fuelled by a lack of Vitamin D. And there’s little worse than being sick at work, having to battle on through the day when your head feels like jelly and your throat is cut to pieces. However, a shocking […]

UK lunch break plummets to just over twenty mins

New research has revealed that lunch breaks are being squeezed by work pressures with the average lunch break lasting just 22 minutes – The Telegraph reports. The research, which was conducted by health body ukactive and Sodexo, showed plummeting lunch break times which previously sat at 33 minutes in 2012 but have since declined to […]

Why are 98% of employees switching jobs?

New research conducted by job site Indeed has revealed that 98.1% of Brits are no longer in the same job that they were in five years ago. Changing attitudes – that continue to shy away from the traditional ‘job for life’ – are partially responsible for this job-switching nature. However, the study found that these […]

Which university is your next top hire from?

One of the first things that a recruiter might look for on a candidate’s CV is their educational history. Things like which university they went to, what degree they completed and what relevant work experience they have undertaken is crucial in understanding if an individual is suitable for a role. Therefore, new research revealing the […]

The seven weirdest excuses to get out of work

Everyone gets tempted to take a duvet day once in a while. But how can staff really convince you that they need the time off? Some will go to great lengths to prove they need some time to rest. For example, a scientist who was unhappy with his shift pattern came up with a novel […]

Where in the UK is the safest place to run a business?

Risk is a part of life – but it’s something you certainly want to minimize when it comes to running your own business. Moorepay have analysed data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to create a health and safety business risk rating for each area in Great […]

Can this rec business help break the cycle of crime?

A new recruitment agency has been set up to help find work for ex-offenders and push them back on the straight and narrow – Birmingham Live reports. ReConstruct Recruitment, which was launched on Thursday, was founded by a former violent offender, Ian Perkins, and his business partner Rob Halliday-Stein. Halliday-Stein already run Inside Out Ventures, […]

What are your applicant’s worst fears?

Job hunting can be a daunting time for many. For some candidates, it may be difficult to see through the brutalities of trying to find new employment – a period of time which is often defined by rejection, recruiter ghosting and rigorous resume revamps. And, new research conducted by CV-Library has confirmed that more than […]

Is your business one of Britain’s most popular employers?

Apple is the best company to work for in Britain, according to a new study which ranked companies with a British base using millions of employee reviews. The study, compiled by jobs board Indeed, saw North East-based firm, Wren Kitchens come second – rewarded for consistently valuing and treating its employees well. See where other […]

What makes employees decide to break the rules?

Almost one in eight (12%) employees have broken their current organisation’s standards of ethical behaviour, with a lack of resources, time pressure and a need to make shortcuts as common reasons why. This is according to research from Reboot Digital Agency, which asked 764 UK employees about attitudes towards ethics in their business. A third […]

5 CV mistakes that leave jobseekers vulnerable to hacking

New research from UK job board CV-Library found that almost six in ten Brits are worried about information from their CV being stolen. And, it seems that simple jobseeker mistakes could be responsible for leaving them vulnerable to information hackers. The study, which surveyed 2,000 people, found that the majority of Brits include unnecessary personal […]

Why the UK is the ‘sickie capital’ of Europe

The UK may be the ‘sickie capital’ of Europe, with over a quarter (27%) of employees thinking it is acceptable to take a day off when they are not really ill, according to research from ADP. The ‘People Unboxed’ study, which surveyed over 2,000 workers across France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the UK, found that […]

Bosses still failing to take sexual harassment seriously

A new report has found that bosses are still failing to take sexual harassment issues in the workplace seriously, despite the heightened attention the #MeToo movement has created. Maria Miller MP, Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee on sexual harassment at work, says that employers are “falling down” when it comes to protecting […]

REVEALED: Men more likely to lie on their CVs than women

A recent survey of 2,000 office workers found that men were more likely to lie on their CV – with 42% admitting to doing so in the past, compared with 38% of female jobseekers, the Express reports. The study conducted by hiring app Job Today found that, across the board, both male and female jobseekers […]

Job ad slammed for stating those with ‘young kids need not apply’

A job advert has attracted criticism after stating ‘persons with young children need not apply’. The vacancy, for an office worker at a Dublin Oil Company, was posted on Indeed, but quickly stirred up a media storm after shunning out parents – The Sun reports. Whilst the job description was relatively vague, asking for someone […]

Job advert for trick or treating assistant calls for Halloween help

Trick or treating is one of the year’s traditions many children look forward to all year. The night where you get to see your neighbours pretending to be spooked by your adorable pirate costume before being handed a fun-size Mars bar on Halloween is a fond memory for many. However, it isn’t such a fun […]

5 tips for employers to support their staff’s mental health

With Mental Health Day last week, organisations are using the opportunity to reflect on their own activities and assess whether they have the right support in place. Here are five ways workplaces can ensure they are supporting their employees’ mental health and creating a mentally healthy workforce. Click here to see what they are

Showcard’s New Edition

For over 20 years Arena Personnel have been supplying Showcard with permanent and temporary staff, both within the office and manufacturing side of their business. Showcard have recently taken delivery of a new Elitron TAV-R 32.22 fully automatic cutting system. The new machine will give maximum versatility when it comes to delivering short and complex […]

Beat the competition in sourcing and placing candidates

an you answer honestly where your best candidates come from? Having an understanding of what sources provide the best candidates and what is working to nurture long term talent relationships is sure to accelerate your success. The UK Candidate Attraction Survey 2017 findings show that the channel agencies rank highest for candidate quantity and quality […]

Succeeding at managing volume recruitment

Many businesses experience volume recruitment of employees. Maybe you need entire teams, are recruiting for annual graduate programmes, have seasonal requirements or a constant demand. Regardless of the requirement, getting to the best and most suitable candidates quickly is essential. Ensuring you have the correct recruitment capability to handle scale and find the right applicants […]

10 countries where your candidate can expect higher pay

A new study has revealed that Switzerland, USA and China are the best places that candidates can move to in order to get a boost to their salary. The research from HSBC also found that the average candidate moving abroad can expect an additional £16,000 a year on top of their current salary. Additionally, the […]

It’s ok to be grey: the pitfalls of age discrimination in the workplace

Gone are the days of reaching 65 and hanging up your work boots, and those aged 50 and over are facing much greater financial insecurity with the rising cost of living, inadequate pensions, a higher state pension age and a prolonged life expectancy. At the coalface of recruitment, there’s evidence to suggest a concerning bias […]

Managers working 44 extra days per year UNPAID

Managers are working an extra 44 days a year over and above their contracted hours, according to research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Of the 1,037 managers polled, the average boss puts in one extra day each week. This is an extra 7.5 hours beyond their contracted weekly hours (44.4 hours actual compared to […]

9 ways to reward staff without giving them a pay rise

With news that the majority of UK employees will not be getting a pay rise this year, according to research from recruitment specialist Robert Half UK, it’s important employers look for other ways to boost morale. As the blame for a lack of wage raises points toward financial pressures, it can be hard to make […]

Most expensive office spaces around the world

New research has found that office spaces are shrinking in the UK at a dramatic rate. Property experts found that average office floorspace in England and Wales fell from 41m² to just over 34m² in the period 2012 to 2016. Darren Best, Managing Director of commented on this trend, adding that there are […]


One of our clients Zebra Translations that Arena have supplied staff to have won an award at The Association of Translation Companies Language Industry Award. Zebra Translations was founded in 1999 and provides translation services to the life sciences sector. Jill Wright and Lisa Kelly the founding directors are thrilled to win the ATC’s company […]

Average woman thinks about leaving her job 17 times a year

The career paths we choose significantly impact our lives. With the majority of employees spending around 40 hours a week working, it’s important for the jobs they’re in to offer more than just a salary, but fulfilment too. With countless studies pointing to boosted productivity, output and retention rates when employees are engaged at work, […]

Women still affected by workplace sexism

Undoing years of oppressive patriarchal attitudes, often cited as hindering women’s progression, is complex, although there has been significant progress. For example, several movements this year centred around improving gender equality, from forced measures through gender pay gap reporting, to the #MeToo movement rippling through businesses, prompting employers to reinforce their commitments to women, questioning […]

One third of women hide THIS during job interviews

Making sure your hair is neat, there’s nothing stuck in your teeth and your clothes are smart are all common rituals people perform before heading in to a job interview. But for women, there might be an additional step – slipping off their wedding or engagement rings. According to data compiled by Credit Angel, 29% […]

Four in ten top UK company bosses now non-UK nationals

An analysis of the biggest UK companies from Odgers Berndtson highlights the extent to which they have embraced more internationally diverse leaders, with a steep increase in chief executives born overseas. Since the turn of the millennium, the number of companies in the FTSE 100 with chief executives who are non-UK nationals has doubled to […]

7 deadly boardroom sins

The seven characteristics that can make any NED or Independent Director a boardroom liability. Click here to read what they are

Recruitment’s most-hated buzzwords

In an industry that is constantly moving in a flurry – candidate calls, client meetings and billing targets – it is easy to fall into cliché. However, new research has shown that UK-based workers are turned off by buzzwords when they hear them – which means they could be losing recruiters great hires and top […]

Which countries work the longest hours?

Burnout, presenteeism and longer working hours. They’re the bane of most employees’ lives and, as of recently, their bosses’ lives too. With increased reporting on stagnating productivity levels and problems with efficiencies, companies – and occasionally Governments, too – are looking at the benefits that getting their employees to switch off could have on the […]

Trying too hard at work could actually harm your career

Most people inherit the notion that harder work leads to more (and quicker) promotions, resulting in more money and a greater sense of achievement. Contrary to the assumption that working harder equates to working better, a new study has shown that working too hard consistently will not only negatively impact on your wellbeing, but impact […]

REVEALED: 10 industries with the lowest job satisfaction

Job security isn’t enough for today’s candidates who are willing to move jobs or switch careers to achieve greater satisfaction, according to new research by Cygnet Jobs. The study found that 57% of UK workers moved companies for greater job satisfaction and 22% said that was because they didn’t feel appreciated for their hard work. […]

Employee resignations rise for a sixth consecutive year

One in five (19 per cent) employees resigned from their job in 2017, up from 15.5 per cent in 2016, according to the latest data from XpertHR. Labour turnover statistics from 398 organisations show the resignation rate has increased steadily since 2012, when it stood at 10.6 per cent.The biggest change in turnover rates was […]

UK lags behind the rest of Europe for gender pay gap equality

The United Kingdom has one of Europe’s most significant gender pay gaps, worse than France, Poland and Italy, according to international data released from mid to long-term rental specialists, Spotahome. Results from across 29 European countries placed the UK near the bottom of the rankings (26th) for gender pay equality, only just ahead of Austria, […]

Eight in 10 interviewers have asked inappropriate questions during the recruitment process

Experts say hiring managers should be trained on proper interview practice. Hyper Recruitment Solutions recently conducted a survey of 2,000 UK employees and hiring managers, finding that 85 per cent of interviewers admitted asking ‘off-limits’ questions during the recruitment process. Almost one in five (19 per cent) jobseekers said they had felt mistreated during an […]

Top tips on negotiating a pay rise

Few people turn up to work not expecting to get paid. We exchange our valuable life minutes with our bosses and managers in order to get our hands on cold, hard dosh at the end of the month. Yet, as Gillian Ku, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School wrote in The Financial […]

1 in 3 UK bosses fear hiring women – but why?

Nearly one in three UK bosses admit that they have or would reject female applicants because they suspect that she ‘might start a family soon’. The study, carried out by law firm Slater and Gordon, surveyed 501 UK bosses revealing that 15% anonymously admitted that they had broken sex discrimination laws. Remziye Ozcan, an employment […]

Paralympian sets up rec firm to bridge disability employment gap

The stigma surrounding disability generates profound employment barriers. However, former Paralympic swimmer, Liz Johnson, who was born with cerebral palsy, has launched a new firm with a mission to transform employment for disabled people. Johnson has started a two-stage process to launch her new recruitment consultancy, named The Ability People (TAP), which will be exclusively […]

7 habits to help keep your workforce happy and healthy

Have you got a nap pod in your office? How about a ping pong table? If not, don’t fret. Trendy office games and quirky benefits are in fact a distraction to workers. That’s according to our latest research; whilst 40% of business owners believe office games and similar benefits are important to employees – just […]

Employers failing to adapt to needs of older workers

Employers need to step up their support of older workers, as 63% of over-50s in work are planning to retire later than they thought expected to 10 years ago, according to a report from Aviva. Many older workers – defined as those aged over 50 – told the researchers that they are extending their working […]

What can you do to help mothers get back into the workplace?

For mothers, taking significant time off work to child-care can be both a personal gift and a workplace set back. Needless to say, this issue does affect both men and women. But with take-up for shared parental leave incredibly low, it is women more often than not who find themselves taking long career breaks and […]

The top 10 reasons why Brits were fired in 2018

As an employer, you never really want to fire someone. It’s always better if you can speak to an employee who is underperforming or has behaved inappropriately and try to work out a reasonable resolution. However, sometimes it can be best for the company and the employee to part ways for good. Research from Turner […]

REVEALED: The best (and worst) things UK bosses did for staff

We all know the old adage, ‘people leave managers, not jobs’ – but is it possible that people stay in a job because of their manager, too? A survey of 100 professionals from CV-Library found that the majority (90.9%) believe it’s important to get along with your manager, and 80.9% get on well with their […]

Is it ever too early to be thinking about Christmas hires?

The schools have broken up, Britain’s heatwave isn’t cooling off and the majority of us haven’t even jetted off on our summer getaways yet. But, is it ever too early to be thinking about Christmas? Not for Centre parcs, who are already considering the season and have begun hiring for festive roles. The Longleat Forest […]

REVEALED: The UK cities underpaying their workers

With the main motivator to switch jobs often being money, it appears that today’s jobseekers might be at an advantage when it comes to securing a better wage elsewhere. This is a particularly good time for recruiters too, as, if candidates are savvy enough to realise that there’s no time like the present if they’re […]

Staff work 3,000 hours overtime so colleague can take care of son

Employees at a German firm worked almost 3,300 hours overtime so their colleague could look after his son with leukaemia. A local media report found that the workers donations enabled the single father take almost a year off to look after his four-year-old. After his son Julius was diagnosed with cancer, over 700 colleagues at […]

The best (and worst) sectors for flexible working

A new study has found that 84% of employees in the technology sector are offered flexible working, making it the best sector in the UK for flexible working. The survey, conducted by the Smarter Working Initiative, found that on average, 65% of employees in the UK are given flexible working options – but Julia Waltham, […]

Employers failing to pay minimum wage named and shamed

Card Factory, Home Bargains and Bristol City F.C are among almost 240 firms that have been ‘named and shamed’ for failing to pay all its workers the National Minimum wage. These employers have to pay back arrears of wages to the worker at current minimum wage rates and face financial penalties of up to 200% […]

Top 30 countries for work-life balance and happiness

Research conducted by online home rental company, Spotahome, revealed that the Netherlands topped the chart as the nation with the best work-life balance. However, Finland ranked first for the nation with the happiest workers, with Norway and Denmark ranking in second and third position. Melissa Lyras, Brand and Communications Manager at Spotahome, said that while […]

The top 7 reasons why your staff quit – and how to fix them

It’s always sad when a valued member of your team hands in their notice – but new research could help you address the most likely reasons why your top talent will quit, giving you a chance to fix the problem before it is too late. Staffing firm OfficeTeam, a Robert Half company, found that issues […]

10 ways to ensure your business attracts top talent

It’s a candidate’s market, according to recent research from Recruitment and Employment Confederation/IHS Markit – which means that your business needs to stand out from the crowd if you’re looking to hire top talent. The report revealed that candidate availability has fallen at a sharper rate in the second quarter of this year, and many […]

Office Drama: When does HR need to step in?

The expression “Office Drama” evokes an image of somewhat incompetent individuals involved petty disagreements that are blown out of proportion. The reality is that disagreements that arise in the workplace are often between highly competent individuals and the consequences, far from being petty can have far reaching consequences on the business as well as the […]

The 10 worst industries for unwanted attention

Almost eight in ten British people have experienced unwanted sexual attention in the workplace, according to research from VoucherCodesPro. The study of 2,365 Britons aged 18 and over found that the majority of those had experienced it from customers and passers-by (78%), whilst others experienced it from colleagues (15%) and management (7%). In a bid […]

Most dangerous industries to work for in the UK

The construction and agricultural industries saw the greatest number of workplace fatalities in 2017/18, according to research from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The construction industry came out on top, where 38% of reported fatalities occurred, with agriculture industry at 29% and the manufacturing industry at 15%. In 2017/18, 35 fatal injuries to workers […]

Are bad bosses driving your staff away?

A leading voice has weighed in on the debate over what drives staff away, claiming that bad bosses are the reason that staff are leaving. Despite employment being at a forty year high, Mike Smith, Managing Director at Ripley Training, claims that “poor management is the number one cause behind staff leaving.” Click here to […]

£25k discrimination fine for treatment of pregnant employee

An internship company has had to pay £25,000 to settle a tribunal case after an employee alleged sex discrimination relating to her pregnancy – The Irish News reports. Ruth Faulkner, 39, was working at Intern Europe Limited when she fell pregnant. However, she was left “isolated and sidelined” by her employers after she told them […]

Working out of hours harms productivity and mental wellbeing

Working beyond traditional working hours is harming the mental wellbeing of employees, according to research from Lockton. The researchers found that a quarter (26%) of employees find working outside of traditional working hours harms their mental wellbeing, and 20% of staff believe it negatively affects their output. Read the whole article here

The top 10 unhealthiest UK professions

Uncaring bosses are not supporting employees to live healthy lives – resulting in some professionals being unable to find the time to exercise. That’s according to research from by Gympass, which discovered that certain sectors aren’t getting the recommended amount of exercise per week. Travel and transport employees spent the least amount of time exercising […]

Top 10 office distractions – and how to beat them

Productivity levels in offices across the UK have fallen to a dramatic low, according to research from Fellowes – with a quarter of workers claiming they are unproductive for up to two hours every day. They polled 1,250 adults to find out what distractions are keeping them from work in the office – and what […]

Candidates reveal their worst job interview experiences

An interview should be a two-way street – the candidate demonstrates why they would be a good fit for the organisation, and the potential employer shows them a few good reasons why they might like to work there. But, that’s not always the case – sometimes, the employer makes a misstep so bad the candidate […]

Top 10 worst excuses for absence

How many members of your staff have called in sick today? It is Monday after all, meaning a few employees who overindulged will perhaps feign a cough or a cold. But there are some excuses which are so excessive and exaggerated that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it. To celebrate these […]

Employees reveal their biggest work blunders

The uncomfortable feeling of embarrassment can present itself when least expected, crumbling our confidence and reputation as others observe with pitiful looks and concealed laughter. And the worst part is that the cringe-worthy story has its way of emerging, days, weeks and even years later – and no one wants their ears to be burning […]

7 deadly boardroom sins

The seven characteristics that can make any NED or Independent Director a boardroom liability: Click here

We need to talk – Why we’re too afraid to report racism to HR

Would you report an act of racism in the workplace? Whether it be an incident that you happened to witness or one that you were personally the target of, would you have the confidence to tell someone about it? It seems clear, that racism is still very much an issue in our workplaces. But in […]

Should employers let obese staff come into work an hour later?

The morning commute can be hot, cramped and miserable – and if you are obese, it only makes it more difficult. Several newspapers have reported that a government adviser suggested allowing obese staff to turn up later for work, so they can avoid the worst of the rush hour. Read the whole article here

HR and the World Cup: What do you look for when choosing a team?

With the World Cup just two weeks away, pundits and fans alike are starting to speculate about England’s chances. Manager Gareth Southgate has named his 23-man squad giving call-ups to several young players, including the previously uncapped Trent Alexander-Arnold. Southgate says: “I believe this is a squad which we can be excited about. It is […]

Employers with unsupportive workplace cultures at risk of losing employees with children

The UK’s long hours working culture damages family life – and parents are voting with their feet Tackling unsupportive workplace cultures is crucial in helping parents achieve a better work life balance, according to latest research . The 2018 Modern Families Index: how employers can support the UK’s working families, published today by work life […]

‘Generational pay gap’ has increased by half in last 20 years, warns TUC

TUC launches digital platform to help young workers get into unions as it marks its 150th anniversary The pay gap between young and older workers has increased by more than half in the last 20 years, according to a new report published to mark the 150th anniversary of the TUC. The report shows that in […]

“Can my boss shout at me?” Stressed employees ask Google

Stressed-out employees are turning to Google to ask for advice on their bosses’ behaviour, according to research from First4Lawyers. The employment law firm entered simple phrases such as “Can my boss”, “Can my manager” and “Is my boss allowed to” into the Google search engine to discover the questions most associated with these search queries. […]

REVEALED: The happiest & saddest UK professions

With the focus on workplace wellbeing increasingly exponentially in recent years – and rightly so – more workers are now wary about the impact their job has on their health and might opt for a career that cares. Whilst a job without stressors is probably non-existent, and, a little bit of stress at work can […]

The UK’s 100 most sought-after jobs and what they pay

What makes a job attractive? Your thoughts might jump to a high salary, or to a stress-free environment – however, your potential candidates are interested in something very different. Job site Adzuna has found that the most sought-after job in the UK is an Emergency Ambulance Driver, a role with a salary of just £16,634 […]

One third of women hide THIS during job interviews

Making sure your hair is neat, there’s nothing stuck in your teeth and your clothes are smart are all common rituals people perform before heading in to a job interview. But for women, there might be an additional step – slipping off their wedding or engagement rings. According to data compiled by Credit Angel, 29% […]

7 ways to boost confidence at work

New research has found that over seven in 10 workers believe that their career has had a negative impact on their self-esteem. The findings, collated by CV-Library, found that over half of UK workers feel that they place too much importance on their job – with inadequacy and mistakes also making the nation’s workers feel […]

Can you match the corporate giant to their famous slogan?

For a long time Google’s unofficial motto was ‘don’t be evil’, codifying how the firm wanted to appear to both employees and the general public. However, this much-mythologised slogan has now lost prominence on the internet giant’s code of conduct. An older version of Google’s code of conduct states: “Don’t be evil….It’s about providing our […]

Brits unable to switch off from work

Everyone knows it is important for your employees to take time to unwind – but more than seven in ten Brits admit they struggle to switch off from work once they’ve left the office. The survey of 1,200 UK workers from CV Library found that 72.4% of Brits reply to work-related emails, or make work-related […]

The 5 most unprofessional workplace habits

A lot of our lives are spent at work. With the elision of the personal and professional spheres, with the advent of technology pushing us towards an always-on culture, it can sometimes feel as if your job is your life. This means that people who we work with, or next to, become an important factor […]

Boss created a fake employee to dodge speeding penalty

James Wilson, 56, from Chingford, Essex, accumulated five speeding tickets in eight days then attempted to shift blame onto an employee he made up to dodge the penalty. He claimed that he sacked the employee following the offences. However, his fictitious tale was exposed when he was unable to provide any proof of employment or […]

Job ad for naked cleaners posted on Government jobsite

An advert asking for ‘Cleaners with a difference’ has sparked outrage amongst jobseekers and MPs as it appeared on a Government job website. The Fantasy Cleans opening, posted on Government site Universal Jobmatch, was spotted by a female jobseeker who was “embarrassed” by the post. The jobseeker from Yorkshire told the Mirror that the posting […]

Delayed decisions are driving candidates away

Taking on a new member of staff is a big decision, so it’s no surprise many firms want to think carefully and avoid rushing. However, doing this can cause the best candidates to lose interest and look elsewhere. According to research from Robert Half, 67% of jobseekers have accepted a second-choice job offer because their […]

Discriminatory hiring process lands candidate £5k payout

A company has been ordered to pay $10,000AUD (£5523) to a candidate for discriminating against him on the grounds of mental illness – Lexology reports. In September 2015, Mr Chalker applied for a role as a coach driver with Murrays Australia. He had previously been employed for over four years as a driver by a […]

Should salary be matched to stress levels of the job?

UK workers — especially those at a higher pay grade — struggle to switch off and want a higher salary to compensate for the stress they feel, according to research from CallCare. In a survey, more than six in ten (64%) respondents said they felt that their salary wasn’t high enough to match the stress […]

King Louis the rich? Survey reveals highest-paying names

With the royal baby being named Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have come to this decision with lots of factors in mind. Not only do they have to ensure that another living royal family member doesn’t have this name, they’ll also be wary of a thousand other decisions that parents have to make. […]

Where are the UK’s highest paid towns and cities?

Southend has many interesting things to see and do. You can visit the world’s longest pleasure pier, take a ride on the Cliff Railway, or visit the fish at the Sea-Life aquarium. But one thing you don’t want to do is try to fill a vacancy there. Research from the Centre for Cities has found […]

Candidate slammed for bringing teenager to interview

People do strange things in job interviews. We’ve heard of the candidate who asked for a cocktail, the one who called the hiring manager incompetent, and the one who binned off the interview entirely because they couldn’t move after an intense gym session. But Mumsnet user and Hiring Manager Caulk shared the story of a […]

Social media tips recruiters NEED to give their candidates

Over the last few years, it is undeniable that social media has taken over both the professional and personal spheres. In fact, social media is so integral to recruitment in some industries that one plucky candidate landed herself a role, primarily through a status she posted. In November 2017, Business Insider report that Akosua Boadi-Agyemang […]

REC supports call to ban unpaid work

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation are supporting a call that unpaid shifts should be made illegal. Last month, the Government cracked down on unpaid internships, although there were no prosecutions. Campaigners want the law to be tightened and for it to be made easier to report unpaid internships to HMRC. This also entails illegal recruitment […]

Buckingham Palace blasted for job ad paying below Living Wage

A job advert for cleaners at Buckingham Palace shows that the London Living Wage hasn’t yet been endorsed by the Royals, with the going rate £2.03 under the recommended rate. The London Living Wage pays £10.20 an hour, whereas housekeeping assistants at the palace will earn £8.17 an hour. The rate, which was announced last […]

The seven weirdest excuses to get out of work

Everyone gets tempted to take a duvet day once in a while. But how can staff really convince you that they need the time off? Some will go to great lengths to prove they need some time to rest. For example, a scientist who was unhappy with his shift pattern came up with a novel […]

Amazon workers too scared to use the loo due to sacking fears

Strictly timed breaks. Warnings if you don’t meet your targets. A fear of using the toilet because of the few seconds of lost productivity it causes. No, this isn’t a description of unregulated sweat shops in poor countries, nor is it an 18th century mill with a wicked owner. This is the reality of distribution […]

Is texting candidates better than calling them?

Text messaging has many benefits over a phone call. You don’t have to both be free when you hit send. You can take your time to compose a proper response. You can communicate with several people at once. There’s a record of exactly what you discussed you can check back on later. Is it any […]

How to beat the competition in sourcing and placing candidates

Can you answer honestly where your best candidates come from? Having an understanding of what sources provide the best candidates and what is working to nurture long term talent relationships is sure to accelerate your success. As part of The UK Candidate Attraction Survey 2017, an extensive survey Eploy are undertaking of over 600 UK […]

5 ways to promote a better work-life balance

Many employees are living such a competitive fast paced lifestyle that they often do not take a moment to step back and realise how their lives outside work are being affected. Further to the results of a recent survey by Brookman Solicitors which revealed that 63% of individuals planned to change or improve an aspect […]

National Living Wage workers set for £600 pay rise from April

Over 2 million people will get a pay rise from the 1st April 2018 thanks to an above-inflation rise in national living and minimum wage rates. Over 2 million people on the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage will get a pay rise on 1 April when new rates come into force. Read all […]

8 futuristic jobs you could be recruiting for next week

When you imagine the jobs of the future, you might imagine working as a mechanic on a space station, directing a team full of robots, or working as a scientist with exciting new chemicals. And while we aren’t quite at that stage where you can happily hop in your personal rocket and commute to Mars, […]

Jobseeker walked across city with CVs for 6 months to find work

With almost every job requiring some form of digital application, it can seem jobseekers have no choice but to log in before sending out their CVs. However, one determined jobseeker has replaced his lack of digital footprint by taking to the streets of Nottingham for six months to find work. Ian Bowler, 55, became unemployed […]

5 questions your candidate should NEVER ask

Coaching your candidate to reach their dream job is tough, and whilst there are many aspects of the hiring process a recruiter can control, one of them isn’t nerves. During the job interview, nerves often cause candidates to walk right into a pit of cringe especially if they haven’t prepared any decent questions. In fact, […]

REVEALED: How long it takes candidates to decide on the job

Most recruiters are aware of the importance of making a good first impression. You’ve got to be on form when securing new business, and there is an expectation that candidates – from their attire to their attitude – reflect this high level of professionalism. Yet, whilst recruiters are quick to judge their jobseekers for falling […]

The 25 companies candidates most want to work for

Online retailer ASOS has topped the list of the UK’s most sought-after employers to work for – according to the 2018 Top Companies list compiled by LinkedIn. The popular brand name moved up from its second place position in 2017. This comes after a challenging year for the UK high street in which Toys R […]

Understanding the meaning of Harassment

Recent allegations which have hit the headlines regarding sexual harassment – in the film industry, politics, fashion and the art world – have prompted us to consider what constitutes this behaviour across our own workplaces. The legal definition often surprises many because in everyday language the word harassment is often used in the same way […]

4 questions candidates ask that make recruiters cringe

Learning how to interview well requires practice. And whilst most recruiters would forgive their unexperienced candidates for making a few schoolboy errors, those who know what they want from a job should know the routine by now. Yet, some candidates still stomp around, ungracefully, during the process. Speaking to CNBC, Barry Drexler, an expert interview […]

REVEALED: Top 10 silliest workplace rules

Certain rules are essential for any workplace, to ensure proper policies are followed and everybody remains safe. Usually, it’s easy to see why each rule exists – good hygiene when dealing with food is a sensible order and keeping records in order makes accountability much easier in the future. However, some rules are in place […]

The 10 things candidates really want from a job

When times are tough, recruiters need to look at factors beyond pay and reward to ensure they attract the attention of candidates. A CV-Library survey of over 1,200 workers revealed that over half (55.6%) of the nation are unhappy in their current position, so having the right perks in place could be the tipping point […]

The most expensive UK cities to live and work in

The UK has a shocking North South divide when it comes to salary and rent, according to analysis from CV Library, suggesting workers could get a better deal by looking for roles in cheaper locations. Londoners pay a staggering 37.1% of their monthly salary on living costs, versus those in Hull who spend just 11.6%. […]

Your candidates are lying to you – and getting away with it

How far would your candidates go to secure that perfect job? While you might expect the occasional white lie about experience or small exaggeration of technical skills, some are willing to take dishonesty to the next level with outright lies and fake references. conducted a survey of 3,587 participants either in, or looking for, […]

Should you disclose your salary?

I recently had an instance with a candidate who was reluctant to disclose their package details during an interview process, which prompted a discussion on this very sensitive area. Moving jobs is up there with the most stressful events in our life, and the process we go through to reach this decision relies heavily on […]

Should a woman have to say if she’s pregnant in a job interview?

Six in ten bosses think women should have to tell a potential employer if she is pregnant, according to research from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). The survey of 1,106 senior decision makers found that 44% of employers agree that women should work for an organisation for at least a year before deciding […]

The top 10 fastest-growing highly paid roles

A new league table has revealed the fastest-growing highly paid jobs in the UK. Luckily, recruiters in the HR sector and technology industry will be reaping the benefits, as they both feature prominently in the list, according to data from Indeed. The league table, which identifies the 10 fastest growing jobs that pay at least […]

The weirdest things candidates have done in interviews

According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, conducted online by Harris Poll, 50% of employers have made an internal decision about a candidate within the first five minutes – a one per cent increase on last year’s results. So what are the influences shaping these quick-fire decisions? The survey collated the most memorable job interview […]

The UK’s strangest job titles

Could you develop a cloud? Are you an expert at brows? UK businesses are searching for candidates with a bewildering set of skills which, at first glance, may seem crazy. Glassdoor, the job and recruiting site, has scoured thousands of its open jobs in the UK to compile a list of uncommon and quirky job […]

Top 10 office annoyances

The annoying colleague. Everyone has one at some point in their career. Maybe they have a loud, irritating laugh, or maybe they always eat the smelliest food at lunchtime. As a HR practitioner, you might have even had to field complaints from your workers complaining about those in the office that annoy them. But what […]

5 ways American and British workers differ

It can sometimes feel like the workplace is Americanising at a fantastic pace. With the near-unstoppable rise of buzzwords – blames 1980s American fat cat culture – increased working hours and the blurring of personal and private lives, European offices can feel a bit more like those across the pond. However, not everything is different. […]

7 habits to help keep your workforce happy and healthy

Have you got a nap pod in your office? How about a ping pong table? If not, don’t fret. Trendy office games and quirky benefits are in fact a distraction to workers. That’s according to our latest research; whilst 40% of business owners believe office games and similar benefits are important to employees – just […]

How Virgin Active championed a workforce exercise scheme

We know the value of staying healthy. In fact, come 2018, most of us have probably stuck a low-calorie, vegan recipe on the fridge with hopes to make this year the year to change our diets for the better. Or, you may have joined a gym, but, have found that you spend more time standing under […]

Rocketing HR wages outstrip average salary rises

HR wages have shot up at an average of 2.6% since the end of 2016 – higher than the national average of 2.3%. The analysis of more than seven million jobs posted since the start of 2015, compiled by Reed Human Resources, found that businesses are now more willing to pay higher rates to secure […]

Fake degree qualifications could be misleading employers

Thousands of Brits have bought fake degrees from so-called ‘diploma mills’, a BBC Radio 4 investigation has found, raising fears they could be used to mislead recruiters and hiring managers. One degree mill, named Axact, operates a network of hundreds of fake online universities run by agents out of a Pakistan-based call centre. Fake degrees […]

High working hours damages economy and wellbeing

A rise in the number of working hours could be having a negative impact on the nation’s mental wellbeing and be costing the economy billions. TUC analysis has found 3,337,000 employees, or roughly one in eight workers, are now working more than 48 hours a week, which is a rise of 250,000 since 2001. Mental […]

Top 10 places to start a recruitment business

Entrepreneurs are 10% more likely to start a business in January than any other month, according to research from 123Reg.  Yet, starting a new business does not mean instant wealth. There are important decisions to be made. Chief amongst them, where a business should be based. So, if you’re planning to start your own recruitment business […]

Are UK recruiters the best in the world?

If there was a recruitment World Cup, where would the UK finish? Would we stumble at the quarter finals, losing out to the Swiss with their better grasp of big data? Would we be overall winners, galvanised by our ability to work long hours and get on with our candidates? Or, would the UK hiring […]

Can I be fired for FARTING? Employees ask embarrassing workplace questions

When you’ve got an embarrassing question, it can be hard to know where to turn for advice. Many choose the internet to keep their shame as private as possible. We’ve searched the net to find the most awkward, embarrassing workplace questions, and the answers they were given, and put together a list of the top […]

Do dogs boost sales?: 5 reasons dogs should go to work

How do you manage the stress levels and motivation of your employees? Maybe you buy your team a lavish lunch, or let them leave work 30 minutes early. But have you thought about the effect of bringing your beloved dog into the office? Allowing dogs into the workplace – an appropriate workplace, of course, with […]

Work-life balance less important to Londoners than UK counterparts

Much debate has surrounded Millennials – they are ‘entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy,’ and have been, in part, the driving force behind flexible working. However, new research has revealed that candidates in London aren’t as bothered by their work-life balance as their UK counterparts. The study by Office Angels, part of The Adecco Group, […]

The 7 signs of a successful meeting

A good meeting can help clarify goals and reduce confusion but a bad meeting can be a waste of time. The problem with this is that many meetings are poorly arranged, and this can waste time and cause frustration for both the employees and the manager arranging the meeting. Read this article to help you […]

Employers are reluctant to publish gender pay gap figures

The research found that some employers were struggling to understand the legislation that has been brought in that requires them to report.The revelation in recent media reports that there is a gender pay gap in large, well-known organisations cannot have come as a surprise to most people; however, what may come as a surprise is […]

Eight vital reasons to take a lunch break

If you have a busy working day, you may be tempted to skip your lunch break; however, this is a bad idea. Your lunch break is vital for both your health and wellbeing, with missing it having the potential to make you feel tired, unfocused and nauseous. Here are eight vital reasons to take a […]

First wage rises since 2015 could benefit recruiters

For the first time since June 2015, average UK advertised salaries have witnessed a year-on-year increase – which might help recruiters get candidates into jobs affected by the rises. According to figures from, the 1.2% improvement in the year to November saw the average wage stand at £32,598. And unsurprisingly, London was one of […]

What will the CV of 2030 look like?

Dictated by changes in technology, the workplace is also evolving. It would make sense, therefore, that hiring norms are too. Soon, paper CVs will become a thing of the past – as will the name, age and gender data atop them – as diverse hiring becomes the norm, rather than a pipedream – and high-tech […]

Why recruiters don’t suffer from the January blues

As the UK embarks on the miserable trudge back to the office, met with pale, still-hungover colleagues who are just about surviving on the Nescafé, it’s a promising time for recruiters. Research by Investors in People (IIP) has found that 47% of people plan to change job in 2018, with around 18% actively looking. According […]

10 of the dirtiest items festering in the workplace

We often take that magical fairy who cleans our work stations, changes bins and gives the kitchen a good scrub for granted when we’re at work, meaning that we may become a little bit lax when it comes to maintaining workplace hygiene. However, have you ever considered the risk of eating at your desk, using […]

Why do we fear feedback?

Feedback is a vital tool in helping us develop and progress in our careers. However, even within organisations that promote a culture of free-flowing feedback, I often find that the ‘F’ word is still feared.  Neuroscience might hold the answer. Our brains are hardwired to scan the environment for potential threats and rewards, and when […]

Women spend 4 months of their lifetime planning work outfits

According to a new study, women spend four months deliberating over what to wear in the office over the course of a working lifetime. On a typical work day, women will deliberate over their attire for approximately 14 minutes. This is the equivalent of two and half days a year. Over the average working lifetime […]

REVEALVED – 5 of the worst ever job seekers

Recruiters can find themselves inhabiting a variety of roles for their candidates: they’re coaches; gurus; the support network; a teacher; as well as, in some ways, an encouraging parent. However, it doesn’t mean that candidates are always appreciative of the hard, not to mention varied, work that the recruiter puts in for them. Read the […]

I hate my job, but is it worth quitting?

There are countless stories of employees who hate their job. The work has no meaning, bosses are unduly stringent or the job just wasn’t what was advertised during the recruitment process. However, storming out and quitting isn’t always the best bet. Rather, it might be best to hunt for a new role on the side […]

How modern slavery is affecting your recruitment agency

Modern slavery is an issue that affects the daily lives of recruiters and recruitment firms. A new report from Lawspeed suggests that the number of victims of slavery has increased from 21 million to 40 million – with an estimated 10,000 victims living in the UK. Recruiters, the report suggests, are the most likely sector […]

3 signs of a superstar recruiter

When clients go about selecting their recruiter of choice, there are certain aspects that they should bear in mind.  It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach in recruitment, and selecting the agency to go with takes time and preparation. Read here to see if you are using the right recruiter

How to deal with workplace discrimination?

It is clearly very important that employers take instances of discrimination, of all types, seriously. It goes without saying that it is an important role of HR to ensure systems, policies, processes and training are in place to minimise the risk of diversity issues arising.  Read here to make sure your company has these policies and […]

Bosses that are ‘too smart’ viewed as less competent

Whilst most would assume that CEOs and bosses have high levels of intelligence, new research has found that being ‘too smart’ can hold leaders back. According to research, there is an optimal level of intelligence for a leader and if they go above it, they lose the respect of their employees. Read here to find […]

3 ways to conduct a successful exit interview

Exit interviews. Is there any point? When done correctly indeed there is.  As soon as workers see their employees leave the firm they are often left asking the question ‘Why did they leave?’. An exit interview should exactly answer this question by giving employees a voice to express their parting thoughts about the company. If […]

Why learning to be resilient will transform your work life

Our capacity to bounce back – from setbacks and disappointments and from times of stress and challenge – is crucial to our careers, our job satisfaction and our happiness. We can develop and enhance our ‘bounce-backability’ by taking practical steps to: Read here to find out more

Top causes of office disputes revealed

Office disputes come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the minor ones, like stealing someone’s favourite pen, and the major ones, like trashing your boss’ car – though most fall somewhere in-between. Research from Brother UK has revealed the main causes of office disputes, with gossiping colleagues coming top of the list. 34% of office […]

Good-looking people less likely to be hired for unattractive roles

Studies prove time and time again, that better-looking people climb the career ladder faster. In fact, a study from Chicago and California Universities found that those with a smart appearance had more frequent pay rises, and earn around 20% more than those who don’t pay attention to grooming. Read here to find out more

Company rewards non-smokers with bonus time off

A firm in Japan is giving employees an extra six days of paid holidays a year, providing that they don’t smoke. Tokyo-based marketing firm, Piala Inc, introduced the policy for non-smokers in September after employees complained that they worked more than staff who took time off for cigarette breaks. This resentment was fuelled by the […]

Why having a workplace best friend is the key to happiness

As our work life and personal life continue to blur into one, it’s becoming more important to get on with your colleagues. A recent interview with Dan Buettner, National Geographic Explorer, explained to Business Insider the importance of having a workplace best friend. Several statistics state that you enjoy your career if it is a […]

Why candidates shouldn’t dress to impress

It’s the night before an interview, and jobseekers are desperately pulling hordes of clothes from their wardrobes in a desperate panic over what they should wear the next day. And whilst there’s the old adage that you should “dress for the job you want”, that can be confusing for candidates who just want to make […]

Tell Staff to Get Some Sleep!

With daylight saving time officially starting on Sunday, a new survey from Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job sites, reveals that three in four (74 percent) full and part-time employees say they get less than eight hours of sleep on a typical work night, averaging just 6.9 hours of sleep. However, that is below […]

Candidates reveal 5 biggest career regrets

New data has revealed that 75.7% of Brits would start a new career if they had the chance, with almost half stating they’ve made a regretful career moves in the past. Although it’s worrying that so many British workers feel like they’re in the wrong career, it’s good news for recruiters who could be poised […]

Companies with the best perks around the world

It’s often in HR’s purview to create an employment package that provides more than just work. More and more candidates are looking for a job that provides meaning, purpose and, of course, perks. If your benefits package is still in a work in progress, or has become a stale section in the employee handbook, then […]

The most hilarious CV lies revealved

Lying on your CV may seem like a permissible idea at the time, but recruiters are becoming more and more savvy by the day. Changing qualifications, falsifying references and adding on job titles are all examples of rather common, though still unacceptable, resume fibs. Read here to see what lies recruiters have come across

How can you solve the productivity problem?

This week the UK’s longstanding issue with productivity is back on our screens and in our papers. Lack of training for the bottom 20% of the workforce has been credited as a major part of the problem with those who don’t excel in the current academic system failing to have their creative potential realised. So […]

The 9 most annoying office phrases

Picture the scene. You’re sitting in a meeting, probably your third of the day, when one of your back-benching colleagues decides it’s been too long since anyone heard his voice, so drops some innate and meaningless buzzwords; just to remind you all that they are still there. And participating. Click here to see the worst […]

Men 18% more likely to receive work training than women

New research has found that companies are 18% more likely to send men on work-related training than their female counterparts. According to the study, men were more likely to undergo supervisory training to help them become better leaders and managers, whereas women were offered courses on equality and diversity training – despite requiring, and wanting, […]

Are Nosy Employers breaking the law?

Prepping prior to interviewing is important – identifying something unique on a potential employees’ CV will allow you to garner information that could boost their chances, it puts them at ease and displays interest. However, new research from totaljobs has found that three-quarters of employers admit to checking their candidate’s social media as part of ‘interview preparation’ […]

The best UK region for recruitment right now

The South of England appears to be a promising area for recruiters, with a new climber, Crawley, making it to Adzuna’s top 10 best places in the UK to find a job. The jobsite found that the town, situated in West Sussex, had favourable competition per jobseeker ratio (0.18) and healthy average advertised salaries (£31,098), […]

Which Animals Make The Best Recruiters?

Our animal instincts can help us perform effectively in the workplace. Years of evolution have helped animals develop natural abilities to survive and even thrive in a hostile environment. Recruiters, whether sourcing permanent or temporary staff need to learn how to adapt and develop their skills in an ever changing market. Check out these attributes from across […]

Which workers can expect the best pay-rise?

With increased focused on stagnant wages and public sector pay caps, many workers are likely feeling undervalued by their employers. However, for workers in certain sectors, they can expect to see their pay packets rise with salaries touted to grow in 2018. Read this article to see if you may be one of them

REVEALED: The happiest UK professions

When it comes to pay and job satisfaction, it’s good news that those in human resources are some of the happiest workers in the UK – despite the gender pay gap still sitting at 10%. Those in consultancy and construction were also found to be some of the UK’s happiest workers.  However, staff in retail […]

Should you be giving your staff an M.O.T?

Whilst UK car drivers will be used to checking on the state of their vehicle, how many employers are checking in on the state of their workforce? For some employers, wellbeing programmes are now a given. However, not all organisations are on board, which is why start-ups, like Mobile Health MOT, are now popular. Have […]

The real reason your employees are quitting

Retention is an issue that still takes up much of HR’s time and energy. Constantly trying to figure out why good employees are heading toward the door, whilst simultaneously developing a sticky leadership development programme. Read this article to find out more

Recruitment firm reveals what will make a candidate rich

A rec firm has revealed what qualifications and degrees are the most likely to make candidates rich – by looking at the first careers and University choices of the hundred wealthiest people in the world. They found that the candidates most likely to end up with untold riches were sales people – which was the […]

10 things your candidate is doing wrong!

Some employers and recruiters have little tolerance for mistakes. Especially, if they’ve been inundated with applicants: why would they make excuses for interviewees who can’t conduct themselves professionally? Take a look at the list

Does your business need cars and vans to operate?

If so, then your drivers, other road users, members of the public, and even your organisation and its senior management are all exposed to something called Work-Related Road Risk which you need to manage. Click here to find out more

3 routes to making the best use of coaching in your organisation

There are only three different models of coaching delivery an organisation can rightly consider: Qualified internal coaches Qualified external coaches Leaders / managers as coaches Making the best use of coaching within your organisation is therefore a matter of making the best use of each of the three models. And of getting the mix right. […]

How long do you take for work?

The average worker in Britain now takes just 34 minutes for their lunch break with over half of workers (52 per cent) skipping their lunch break completely – a significant shift from the traditional one hour break. Londoners are most likely to skip their lunch hour altogether, closely followed by Birmingham, Manchester and Norwich. This […]

Why it’s never to late to start your own business.

Ita McNeil Jones set up her own business. She recalls: “I got to a stage in my career where i wasn’t feeling inspired by my work or the leaders around me. I thought:’There’s only one choice: do your own thing’.” read her story here

Welcome a board..

Some of our larger customers do this with all senior management, should this also be done with all new members of staff regardless of position within the business? Click here for more information  

3 ways to spot a lying candidate:

The phrase ‘little white lies’ may be permissible in certain aspects of life, but in recruitment it’s wholeheartedly forbidden. Candidates who embellish their CVs with fanciful add-ons may believe they’re just adding flesh to the bones but, in reality, they’re playing fast and loose with the truth – something that recruiters are tiring of. A […]

Why you should never text colleagues during an argument

We’re all guilty of it – sending a brash email to a colleague after they’ve annoyed you, instead of walking over to them and broaching the topic face-to-face. It’s in our human disposition to err away from conflict, and in a workplace environment this desire to stay out of trouble can only intensify a conflict. […]

Royal recruitment drive causes candidate crush

A job role advertised by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry has been looked at over 32,000 times on LinkedIn – BBC reports. It would appear the chance to work with this trio of popular royals is more than enough in terms of remuneration. Over 32,000 interested applicants think so anyway. Click […]

Mental health staff get boost from Workplace ‘revolution’

The Government has pledged to open 21,000 more posts in the mental health sector, in order to cope with the growing demand for staff. “We want people with mental health conditions to receive better treatment, and part of that means having the right NHS staff,” For more information click here

Have you got the right work life balance?

There’s more to life than work. The way we work, where and when we work is changing. Work is an activity, not a place. Click here for some top tips to help in the new world of work:

Breaking down barriers

Mental Health is very much a topic of conversation at the moment for pointers on how we can all help click here,  

Recruitment Lessons from Game of Thrones!

Recruitment Grapevine provide an interesting twist to the recruiting world.  Not sure which characters from GoT we have here in the office? 🙂  For the full report click here.  

Worst Job Interviews

Diversity is about encountering people from all walks of life, however a job interview calls for a bit of structure and normality. To share some of the worst interviews click here

Avoid the risk of discrimination in per-employment checks

Its a sad fact that workplace discrimination is still an issue. Although perhaps often unintentional, people still fail to leave biases at the door when they enter their working environment, and base business decisions on personal perceptions. To find out more click here

Are you guilty of this?

A recent poll, commissioned by Uber, found that 36% of workers actively make up excuses in order to sneak out of the office early. The ride-hail firm’s YouGov poll interviewed 2,000 UK employees across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. To see the 10 most common lies staff tell to leave early click here

Mistakes that drive away new staff …..

Nearly 90% of firms estimate that between 10% and 25% of new employees leave within the first 6 months. For a few examples of how companies could let down new employees click here

10 things you should never say to your colleagues!

There’s a lesson to be learnt, regardless of the level of professional stature about what should never be uttered in the workplace. Experts have listed 10 things you should never say at work …. for more information click here

Are you a happy worker?

It is said that on average the happiest workers are in the United States and the most unsatisfied workers were based in Scotland and the South East of England. To see how levels of workplace happiness, and stress, vary around the world click here

What type of colleague are you?

We spend more time at work than we do with family and friends. Whilst the majority of UK workers get on some colleagues end up at each others throat. Here is a list of seven type of co worker you don’t want to be! For more information click here

Maybe think twice about pulling a sickie?

Over half of the UK employees feel guilty for taking a sick day because they feel as if they are leaving their colleagues in the lurch. For more information on some of the worst excuses for skipping work click here

Powder Coater

Overview: We are currently recruiting for a well respected company in Letchworth, They have been established over 25 years and specialise providing a quick turn round, medium volume high quality, heavy jobs that suit their facilities   They now have an opening for an experienced Powder Coater to join their team.   Description: Main duties will […]

Congratulations to Paul

Congratulations Paul, achieving 100 weeks for one of our customers, Thanks for all your hard work you’re a star.            

Timesheet Reminder

Don’t forget we need your signed timesheets’ in before Midday on Monday 10th this will ensure you get paid before Good Friday.   Thank you    

How to eat better with James Wong

How to eat better with James Wong! Event at David’s Bookshop in Letchworth: Tuesday 11th April 7.30pm Discover how to supercharge your food in an exclusive event with botanist and broadcaster James Wong.

We thought this was a given….

Seem not all recruiters look after their candidates like we do here at Arena Click the here for the full story from of Recruitment Grapevine  

Clocks go forward tonight

Don’t forget to put your clocks forward an hour tonight.  More daylight for the evenings which will be nice but an earlier start for those of you on working Sunday and next week.    

Well Done Arena

Big well done to Team Arena this weekend after taking part in the Muddy Mayhem 5k obstacle challenge. Keiron and George from the recruitment team took part along with their partners, both of who were placed in fantastic jobs through ourselves. Partnering up with our friends at Benchmark Fabrication Ltd in Letchworth, we were having […]

St Patrick’s Day

If you celebrate St Patrick’s day – have a Ball Want something to do today click here for what’s on in London.    

Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night at The Cromwell Hotel Stevenage Saturday 18th March – 7.30pm until the murderer is revealed!!! (including 3 course meal)

Happy Birthday to us!

19 years ago today we opened the doors of Arena Personnel. We have meet some great clients and candidates over the years and hope to continue to do so. Thanks to all of you that have supported us over the years.  

Pancake Day!

Are you Sweet or Savoury? Check out the Good Food website for ideas.

Networking Event – Property Services

BNI are hosting a visitors morning on Friday 24th February at Needham House Hotel, Little Wymondley from 6.30am – 9.30am focused around Property Services. The team are keen to meet local reputable companies from the following trades to pass work to: – Roofer – Tiler – Windows & Conservatory’s – Alarms & Security

Networking Event – Property Services

BNI are hosting a visitors morning on Friday 24th February at Needham House Hotel, Little Wymondley from 6.30am – 9.30am focused around Property Services. The team are keen to meet local reputable companies from the following trades to pass work to: – Fencing Contractor – Gardening Services – Interior Design – Plasterer


Its a time for celebration in the Arena Personnel offices today. We have applied for and today been awarded, our Gangmasters License. This license is to ensure protection for vulnerable workers in UK food and drink processing and packaging, agriculture and shellfish gathering. With this license we can now work with a whole host of […]

Wine Tasting Event

Wine-tasting at Needham House Hotel – Charity Event Saturday 18th February 2017 – 19.30 – 22.30

It’s the little things that count.

More than half of bosses are failing to recognise the impact a simple thank you can have on staff retention figures, according to new research. A survey of 1,002 workers by One4all Rewards, as part of the Rewards Review, revealed that 83% of the UK workforce admitted that being regularly thanked by an employer increases […]

Is this just the best job? 12 hours of sun a day!

In Cuba a woman is employed to look after a pair of sunglasses in the middle of a park in Havana. The woman is paid £195 a month by the government to stand for 12 hours a day next to a seated statue of John Lennon. When a tourist takes a picture she quickly places […]

New Career in 2017

We have many new positions available. If you are looking for a new job please send your CV to Thank you

Advent Challenge Day 14

Advent Challenge Day 14, Hide and Seek! Garf is playing silly buggers and hiding somewhere in our office, Only Keiron knows where Garf is and he’s not telling, Help Simon by making suggestions on our Facebook Page of where Garf is hiding, Box of Chocs will be waiting at the office for the first person […]

Advent Challenge Day 13

Advent Challenge Day 13 from Simon and Garf, Can you spot the differences between the two photos, the Elves tell us that there are 9 differences to spot…. Please make your suggestions on Facebook @ Arena Personnel Good Luck

Day 8

Advent Challenge Day 8. This year we have decided not to send Christmas cards but make a donation to a charity, Your challenge today is to nominate your charity of choice and the charity with the most votes will receive a generous donation. (Votes will be counted on the 16th December) Nominations received after this […]

The Elfs

Simon & Garf have a well deserved Sherry after finishing the tree #afternoontipple

“I say Honey”

And you thought Honey G was the only “rapper” to work in recruitment. Well here at Arena we all have our own rap names:- Check yours out here in Advent Challenge Day 7.

Advent Challenge Day 2

Advent Challenge Day 2, Office Planks, please send your best photo’s of you planking in the workplace, make sure your Health and Safety person is NOT about.

Tea Boys

Making a cuppa after the morning madness – Simon and Garf seems to be making a little bit of mess in our kitchen.

Simon and Garf are joining in the fun! They have decided to choose the best selfie, which will be rewarded with a sweet advent reward

The Elfs

Look who has arrived, The Elfs, Simon and Garf, they said they have come to help, but the cheeky little scamps are already tucking into the gifts kindly bought in by our grateful temporary workers – Lets hope they start working as hard as us during this crazy, busy festive season 😉

Advent Calendar Challenge!

Day one of our challenge, take a picture of yourself at work and post it on our business Facebook Page click here and here is one to get you started…..

Keep Calm its December

Wow December already.  How organised are you for the big day? However much you have to do remember to Keep Calm and enjoy the festive build up.

Best selling toys

How many of these do you remember? Click on the link for the best selling toys of the last 30 years.

25 Best UK Companies to Work For

What makes a work place really special?  Check out the link for the 25 best UK companies to work for.

Letchworth Christmas light switch on.

This years Letchworth Christmas lights switch on looks set to be a good one.  If you are free why not come and take a look.  Today from 3pm. Check out the link for a full event guide.

Work Life Balance

Do you feel like you have a good work life balance?

Who has a Christmas work party this year?

Are you going to a Christmas work party this year?  How are you feeling about going?  and which number best describes you?  I think I am probably The Light Weight!! Check out the full article

Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day

This Year Arena Personnel Ltd are taking part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.  We have a donation box in the office as of today and are running a sweepstake (please call in to choose your stake) from now until the 16th December. Please donate what you can for this great charity. We would […]

Christmas Party Etiquette

More then a quarter of us regret our behaviour at the annual Christmas work bash! The article below may help with some tips on how to conduct ones self!

BBC Children In Need

Did you watch the telethon on Friday? Still time to donate. Click the link below if you wish too.

Helping Others

A nice story for the weekend.  A little kindness can go along way. I wonder if he got the Job?!

How Rude!

Here at Arena Personnel Ltd we feel like we have a commitment to look after our candidates and treat everyone as an individual. Take a look at this article to reveal some rather rude comments made by some other recruiters!

Arena Performance Award

Congratulations Aimie Thompson! Aimie is the recipient of our Arena Performance Award for October for being reliable, hard working and going the extra mile for our client, going in at the weekends and staying late when needed. Keep up the hard work!

New £5 notes

Check your serial numbers people!

Rethink Remembrance

This Year the Royal British Legion are asking the nation to Rethink Remembrance by recognising the sacrifices made by not just by the Armed Forces of the past, but by todays generation too. click the link to see more.

Wally Randall from Bedfordshire

In light of Remembrance Day we would like to share Wally Randall’s story. What a guy. Have you all got your Poppies?

Happiness in the work place

  Are you happy at work? Interesting article from Recruitment Buzz. Click the link to read more.

Half of UK workers do not use their degree

Do you have a degree that relates to your current Job? Some people just see university as a life experience. I guess its hard to know what you want to do career wise at 18. Or is it? Click the link to see an article from Recruitment Buzz.


Somebody has to do it! I could think of worse jobs.

All work and no play! Why not take a trip to the Fair?

  All work and no play! Who fancies all the fun of the fair? Tonight and tomorrow only the popular Stevenage Old Town Fair will be taking place. Click the link for more info from Stevenage Borough Council.

Autumn is here!

Autumn is officially here. Whats your favourite thing about the Autumn season? Here is ours Vanessa- “Bright, sunny, fresh days” Jenny- “The smell in the air and the colour change on the leaves” Keiron- “Carving pumpkins with the children” George- “The new Fifa game is out” Bobbie- “Long warm cardigans and fireworks” Have a great […]

Working when sick

Two thirds of UK employees work when they are sick. Click the link for full article.

UK Labour Market has Withstood Recent Brexit

  Well that’s good news. The UK labour market has withstood the recent Brexit. Click the link for more information.

Social Media Footprint

  How clean is your social media footprint?

Arena Performance Award

  We would like to Congratulate Mark Freeman on attaining Septembers Arena Performance Award. Since registering with us Mark has carried out various Temporary assignments at various Arena clients. He has always gone the extra mile for us and we have always received excellent feedback from our customers regarding Marks work and him as a […]

Parents Attending Job Interviews

  Interesting. Would you like your parents attending a job interview with you? Click the Link below.

Alan Titchmarsh and Davids Bookshop

  Alan Titchmarsh will be introducing and signing his new novel this evening through an event organised by Davids Book shop. Please click on the link for more information.’s-grand-tour

Get Data-savvy

The value of being Data-savvy!

Could you make a career from your Hobby?

  What is your hobby and could you take it up as your full time job? According to a recent UK survey almost nine tenths of Britons have considered it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to make money from our favourite past time? But then i guess it no longer becomes a hobby right?! Food for […]

What would you really like to do for a Job? Arena

What would you really like to do for a Job? I dont know about you but i still feel like this question is not an easy one to answer. The Who Cares Trust have some great information on their website that can help. Identifying and matching your own personality to the different career types available […]

Do not miss the 2016 Paralympics starting this week!

The Superhumans are back! Here at Arena we will be watching the inspirational coverage of the 2016 Paralympics. We thought you might like a reminder. Click the link for all the info.

Letchworth Event

If you fancy getting sporty this September why not enter the Duck N Dash Aquathlon at Letchworth Outdoor Swimming Pool on Sunday September the 11th. This friendly event is aimed at everyone from aged 8 to 80 and looks to be great fun. Click the link to for more information and to register.

Post Holiday Blues Arena

Does anyone feel like they have the Post Holiday Blues?! Click the link for some tips on how to beat it!  

Arena Performance Award for August 2016

Arena Performance Award Ooh! Who will be awarded the title for August.  One lucky person will be getting a surprise visit from Arena at work over the next couple of days. Watch this space. Good luck.

Get noticed job seekers

Have you ever gone above and beyond to get noticed? How far would you go to “Stand out from the crowd” Check out the list of lengths some job seekers have gone to!

Strange Interview Questions

If you were part of a hamburger which part would you be and why? Check out these really strange interview questions.  Don’t worry, we Haven’t got any of these waiting for you here at Arena Personnel. We have had fun in the office though trying to answer a few! How would you answer some of […]

Beers Bangers and Bourdon Arena

Calling all Cowboys! What are you upto tomorrow?  This event looks great for all the family if you are looking for something to do in Letchworth. Please click the link below for more info.

David Brent CV , Arena

A talented guy called Chris McColgan has created a CV for David Brent! Very funny. Check out the link below.

GCSE Results Day Students and Temporary work

GCSE results day today.  Good Luck from the Arena team and remember all is not lost if you did not get the result you hoped for. Check out the link for some tips of what to do next if this was the case. Temporary work is a great way to earn a little extra […]

How Do You Get to Work?

How do you get yourself to work? Walking or cycling or even taking public transport can have major health benefits and improve your general health and mental well being. The environment will thank you too.

Free Event Letchworth

    Looking for something to do with the children this week? Letcworth Garden City BID are running a FREE event on Wednesday 17th August. Dungeons & Dragons

Strange Jobs at the Olympics 2016

  Fancy any of these strange jobs at the Olympics? Everybody has their part to play! Click the link.

Arena Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

  Ever feel like you could increase your brain power? After all the brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised. Click the link for some ideas.

Arena Nervous Attending Interviews

  Do you get nervous when it comes to attending interviews? In my opinion nerves are good, nerves mean you care! Click the link to see a few different ideas to help calm those nerves.

Arena Student Habbits

Old habits die hard! Do any of our lovely students think this will be them in the future? Surely not! Click on the link

Arena Performance Award

Earlier today George had great pleasure in presenting Grzegorz Kedzierski with the Arena Performance Award for July. Grzegorz has been working through us at North Herts District Council in a Caretaking capacity for several weeks now and has proven to be an excellent temporary worker. Not only have we had lovely feedback from our client […]

CV Sinner

  Are you a CV sinner? Click on the link below for some great CV writing tips!

Game of Thrones CV

  Games of Thrones Style CV. Genius. When appropriate its great to see a bit of creativity.

The Job Interview

  Has anyone seen The Job Interview on channel 4? Well worth a watch in our opinion. In its first series on Tuesdays at 9pm. Click the link below to catch up on the first few episodes. Enjoy.


  How much water are you drinking daily? We love this article from “Good to Know”. Please take a look and stay hydrated!

Sunday Prep

  I little bit of planning and preparation on a Sunday can make all the difference to the week ahead.  Check out the link below for a few hints a tips.

know good value recruiters

Thank you Recruitment Buzz for a great article. Yes we are proud of what we do and are invaluable to your recruitment process.

Treasure Hunt

  Did you know that starting from Saturday the 30th July, local children are invited to take part in a unique treasure hunt organised by Letchworth BID and furniture store Martins of Letchworth? 80 wooden discs have been hidden around Letchworth Garden City to celebrate Martins 80th anniversary. Hunt high and low as these can […]

Unemployment rate new low

    The UK’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since July 2005. Click the link below for more information

good impressions

You got the job! Now to make a good impression when you start. Click the link for 20 tips.  

Sport Talk

I think it is safe to say that talking “sport” has a positive impact in the work place.  Casual conversations about the latest sporting results can be great ice breakers!  love it or hate it, “sport talk” can boost morale, improve mood and therefore productivity within the company. It is a subject to be enjoyed […]

Pokemon Go

Has anyone got to grips with Pokemon Go yet? Are you just far to busy to go get those Pokemon? why not pay someone to do it!!!!! Check out the link  

Job Hoarder

  Accepting multiple Job offers seems to be a bit of a trend. Things could get messy. Click for more on that story.

Farmers Market

Dont miss the Letchworth Farmers Market today in Leys Square.

Bedford River Festival

  Check out the link for information about the Bedford River Festival. It looks like a great event.

Awkward! Celeb Interviews.

Check out these awkward celebrity interviews.  


If only our Logan would get in the car in the mornings and come into the office like he used too! We miss you Loggi Bear.


Cringe! According to Business Insider UK these 27 words are NOT to be used.  

Lazy Girl

  Say it how it is Dad!

tattoo taboo

Are tattoos in the work place still a grey area? Click the link for more info.

Robot Counsellor

Even robots need to talk! Fancy being a Robot Counsellor? Click here for the jobs of the future.


  Its World Chocolate Day!!!!! Not that i need a reason but here are 11 reasons why you should eat chocolate today. Enjoy.

Feeling Fit?

There is still time to sign up.  Click here for more details on the “Run around the garden.”

Happy Birthday to the queen

As the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday today here are a few fun facts from History Extra for you!  

Arena are going all Dolly Parton!

Guys as you know we work many hours not only in the office but behind the scenes too. So seeing as we are allowed we are now going to be in the office for slightly less hours. Working 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, Happy Days 🙂

National Living Wage Applies Tomorrow.

Some Good News. Over a million workers in the UK aged 25 and over are set to directly benefit from the 50p per hour increase. What You Need To Know About the National Living Wage. • The new National Living Wage rate is £7.20 per hour • It will apply to those aged 25 and […]

Clocks Going Forward Don’t Forget!

A little reminder from Arena that the clocks go forward in the early hours of Sunday morning and an interesting article from the Telegraph explaining why. Here’s to more daylight!

National Living Wage

NATIONAL LIVING WAGE Some Good News Over a million workers in the UK aged 25 and over are set to directly benefit from the 50p per hour increase. What You Need To Know About the National Living Wage. • The new National Living Wage rate is £7.20 per hour • It will apply to those […]

A Few Words From Our Customers

Some Lovely Words From Our Lovely Customers. • All approachable • Honest and friendly • Willing to help • They put 100% effort into everything • Match the right people to the job • Able to deal with and resolve problems 24 hours a day • A bunch of lovely ladies – Steph, Showcard Print […]

Homeless Shoebox Appeal

Arena took part in the Homeless Shoebox Appeal Herts and Essex this year.  Many thanks to those who contributed.  It’s nice knowing this will bring smiles to people in times of hardship over the festive period.

Thank you

Thank you Vilma Zalpiene for the lovely gift of chocolates and coffee. We wish you all the best from everyone at Arena in your new full time permanent role.

What Makes an Effective Recruitment Process

As Reported in Daily News Recruitment International. A third of workers admit to doing a U-turn after accepting a job offer. 60% of hiring managers for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) have offered a candidate a role in the last two years that was later declined, and a third (34%) of UK workers have […]

Helpful hints when looking for work

Courtesy of the National Careers Service So, you’ve seen a job or a course that you really want to apply for. A good CV and expert interview skills can help you get where you want to be. Still, thinking about them can be scary! Here are a few key tips to help you prepare. Start […]

All work and no play. Halloween fun in Letchworth

What has everyone got planned for Halloween? I must say I am impressed with how much is going on in lovely Letchworth this year to entertain you all with or without the kids. Check out the Nostalgia Fright Night at the Broadway Hotel’s This great post from the Heritage Foundation has all the info you […]

Arena Personnel at a Glance

We are currently very busy with a wide range of vacancies in and around Hertfordshire. From part time to full time, temporary to permanent, so if you are currently unemployed and looking for work or fancy a change of career please call us for a chat and see if we can help you in your […]

How social media can effect your future when it comes to finding a job.

We should all think before we “Post” when looking for work! According to an article reported in ‘Recruitment Grapevine’ social media has become a first port of call for many employers when selecting a new candidate.  With references to drinking, drug use, poor grammar and even selfies seen as negative and quick to put recruiters […]

NMW Increase 2015

Here at Arena we like to keep you all well informed and there is great news ahead. From Thursday 1 October 2015, the adult rate of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will rise by 20 pence from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour. This is the largest real-terms increase in the National Minimum Wage since 2007, and more […]

Fancy a job at Netflix

Think you have had tough interview questions? Click here to see the types of questions they ask at interviews

Well Done Again to Leila Forrest!

Well done AGAIN to Leila Forrest for winning this weeks best weekly presentation at BNI Legends for a second time. She celebrated last night with cocktails and cheesecake – sounds like our kind of celebration! If you are looking for an opportunity to generate more word of mouth business for your company, please let us […]

Congratulations to Leila Forrest

Well done Leila for winning this weeks best weekly presentation trophy at BNI Legends in Letchworth – not bad for 6am on a Wednesday morning! If you are looking for an opportunity to generate more word of mouth business for your company, please let us know. We would love to invite you to have breakfast […]

Arena Personnel – Recruitment Experts and Vodka Connoisseurs

We had a surprise visit this afternoon from one of our most loveliest of ladies who has recently been taken on permanently at one of our customers. She came bearing gifts of chocolate and booze – our two favourite things! The bottle is of Zubrowka Bison Grass Flavoured Vodka, a Polish specialty, which prompted a […]

Shorthand Secretary – Nr Biggleswade

Temporary Assignment starting Friday 22nd May 2015. Working for a high end catering company assisting the Owner with minute taking and general secretarial duties.

Thank You Vilma!

We’d like to give a massive thank you to one of our lovely candidates, Vilma Gasiunaite, for popping in to the office to surprise us with these lovely goodies. We can’t wait to start tucking in – but of course the bottle wont be opened until after hours!

Farewell and Thank you!

This week we have said goodbye to three great candidates. All for good reasons as two of them have secured permanent positions, so “Congratulations” to Gary Ebdon and Cristina Ene. Also Viki M has gone back to live in her home country. You have all been fantastic, hard working and reliable loyal candidates and we […]

Happy Birthday Raymond

Congratulations to Raymond on working for us today on a busy busy day! With it being his birthday Leila paid him a special visit at work delivering him cakes and a card. Enjoy your birthday evening Raymondo!


Timesheet Reminder. Thanks everyone for all your hard work this last week. Just a reminder that next week we need to run payroll a day early as next Friday is a Bank Holiday. Please can you make sure we have your timesheet by Monday lunchtime at the latest, we can then make sure you are […]

Promotion for Leila Forrest

Arena are pleased to announce the promotion of Leila Forrest to Senior Recruitment Consultant.  “Congratulations!” Employed as a Recruitment Co-ordinator in 2011 Leila has learnt the ropes and successfully supported Vanessa during this time.  Leila will now oversee all of the industrial recruitment for Arena. With a large database of skilled and unskilled industrial staff […]

CV tips

At Arena, we will always be happy to advise you on your CV, how it should look and what you should include to impress potential employers. Your CV is your tool to showcase your skills and your experience. We have found 2 great links that may help give you additional advice and tips when you […]

Why Temporary work is worth it?

Is this a good thing? It certainly can be. As a career transition expert, I view temporary work as a perfect chance for a career switcher to try on different hats, work in various types of businesses, even add new skills and experience. A temporary, “dip in the pool” assignment lets you get a feel […]

Agency Good Practice

The REC will be driving a good practice agenda on Managed Services issues in 2012. This will involve new research on the Managed Services market, the promotion of a specific Code of Practice and dialogue with Government Departments on how regulations and procurement procedures should reflect different supply models. We expect the Code to be […]