Social media tips recruiters NEED to give their candidates

Over the last few years, it is undeniable that social media has taken over both the professional and personal spheres.
In fact, social media is so integral to recruitment in some industries that one plucky candidate landed herself a role, primarily through a status she posted.
In November 2017, Business Insider report that Akosua Boadi-Agyemang wrote a status sharing her jobseeking goals.
Boldly, she tagged Jeff Weiner, CEO of the Microsoft-owned social network in the her post.
“I was always told to be ‘BOLD’. Hopefully someday it helps me reach my goals,” wrote Boadi-Agyemang. The post went viral, quickly.
The outcome was that Boadi-Agyemang landed herself an internship at Microsoft.
With recent research showing that 30.8% of recruiters admit to ‘stalking’ their candidate’s social media profiles, it’s clear that social media can be a boon to candidates willing to take a risk on jobseeking through non-traditional channels.
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