Staff work 3,000 hours overtime so colleague can take care of son

Employees at a German firm worked almost 3,300 hours overtime so their colleague could look after his son with leukaemia.
A local media report found that the workers donations enabled the single father take almost a year off to look after his four-year-old.
After his son Julius was diagnosed with cancer, over 700 colleagues at the design company responded to a HR manager’s appeal, asking workers to contribute to an overtime fundraiser.
“Without this great support, I would be unemployed,” Graff told local paper, Oberhessische Presse.
He worried that he would lose his job once he used all his unpaid leave to look after Julius.
However, the support from an HR manager, senior management and the workers union, enabled him to take off nine months to stay by his son’s side whilst he received treatment in hospital.
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