The UK’s strangest job titles

Could you develop a cloud? Are you an expert at brows? UK businesses are searching for candidates with a bewildering set of skills which, at first glance, may seem crazy.
Glassdoor, the job and recruiting site, has scoured thousands of its open jobs in the UK to compile a list of uncommon and quirky job titles available in 2018, and likely into the future too.
John Lamphiere, Glassdoor’s Managing Director, EMEA explained: “Fifteen years ago, a job as a data scientist or software developer meant working in a tech company. That’s no longer the case. Today, every company is pitching itself as a tech business in some way, as customers and clients demand online systems, web and mobile applications to do business. Because of this, we are seeing a plethora of new and creative job titles which didn’t exist before, but create new career opportunities.
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